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TVGuide 1.3 - download free LG KV700 TVGuide 1.3 softwares




TVGuide   1.3 - download free LG KV700 TVGuide   1.3 softwares




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Software Name:  TVGuide 1.3 - download free LG KV700 TVGuide 1.3 softwares
Category:  Multimedia
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The Mobile TVGuide software allows you to view TV schedules on your mobile device, so that you are always informed about what`s on TV, wherever you are. It allows you to see TV schedules on you PDA, Smartphone or mobile phone.It supports downloading TV schedules from the following sources: * (North America) * VseTV (Ukraine) * (Russia) * NTV+ (Russia)These listings cover BBC World, CNN, Discovery and many other channels.
You may also use another program, FreeGuide, to download TV schedules for many other countries onto your desktop computer. Because it supports XMLTV to download listings, it can download listings for many countries.
If you have any questions, feel free to .
Before downloading listings, you need to register at . When you have done this you will be able to download TV guide data through GPRS or another Internet connection. ?
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