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AutoPilot (call manager) - download free Lenovo A365 AutoPilot (call manager) softwares




AutoPilot (call manager)  - download free Lenovo A365 AutoPilot (call manager)  softwares




Wapid:S260   (?)
Software Name:  AutoPilot (call manager) - download free Lenovo A365 AutoPilot (call manager) softwares
Category:  Calls
File Type:  .sis
File Size:  201 KB
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Describe:AutoPilot - Answering Machine & Call ManagerVersion 1.00 for Series 60 3rd Edition Devices
Why have multiple programs to deal with, when AutoPilot has everything in one easy to use program!
"Personalized greetings for every caller - One for your WIFE, one for your GIRLFRIEND!"
AutoPilot can is truly the Original Call Mangagment Software, and the first program to ever be released for Series 60 devices that combined an answering machine, sms auto response & blacklist into one easy to use program. While other developers are adding so many features that it takes a rocket scientest, with hours of free time just to figure out how to use the program, we at Killer Mobile strive to only add features that the majority of users actually USE, and keep our software as user as friendly as possible. You`ll also notice that our software is typically 30% cheaper than that of other similar products, however our quality is higher, and our customer service better! Don`t buy into "Overpriced imitations"! AutoPilot truly is the best application of it`s kind!Imagine being able to leave different greetings, for different callers - One for your boss telling him you`re running late to work.
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