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Mobypal - download free Free Mobile Phone Mobypal softwares




Mobypal - download free Free Mobile Phone Mobypal softwares




Wapid:S26   (?)
Software Name:  Mobypal - download free Free Mobile Phone Mobypal softwares
Category:  Network
File Type:  .sis
File Size:  101 KB
Popularity:  36476 clicks

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   Please enter Wapid: S26 at

Describe:If you want to send your pictures and videos directly to the web (and facebook if you have an account) you can now join Mobypal.comMobypal is an application for your mobile phone that enables you to publish high-resolution videos and photos directly to the net. And if you install Mobypals facebook-application on your Profile page at facebook all your public pictures and videos that you categorise as 'Blog' will be shown at you profile-page within minutes.Mobypal uses 3g/Edge or WLAN to publish videos and photographs.To get started, follow these steps:1. Go to and create an account2. Go to and enter your mobile number and select your phone to get a text-message with a _link_ to the application, or you could download Mobypal to your computer from here: Install the program and start it up. Select 'Sign in' or (if you did not create an account at 'Create new account'.Now you are ready to create and publish videos!To connect Mobypal to your facebook-page, go to: install it, follow the instructions and you are ready!Mobypal is a free application but please remember that your mobile operator could charge you extra for the datatraffic when you publish videos and photos. If you have access to a WLAN select this option when you publish media!?
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