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HiKeyboard 1.0 - download free Free Mobile Phone HiKeyboard 1.0 softwares




HiKeyboard   1.0 - download free Free Mobile Phone HiKeyboard   1.0 softwares




Wapid:S527   (?)
Software Name:  HiKeyboard 1.0 - download free Free Mobile Phone HiKeyboard 1.0 softwares
Category:  Application
File Type:  .zip
File Size:  1365 KB
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Describe:HiKeyboard - Your?Master Input Method?includes a smart Soft Input?Panel, a nice Full Screen?Keyboard and great calculators. HiKeyboard allows working with document in the smartest way, easily dealing with complicated expressions, and freely typing by hands and more.?HiKeyboard?Features:Windows Mobile 5.0 support and Landscape modeStylus Free?- Rotation of the Full Screen KeyboardSupport Auto correct?and Auto Completion?Include very nice Arithmetical, Tip, Date and Time CalculatorSupport lunar and solar date calculation Support both USA and EUROPEAN style for date and numeric separator .Support smart keyboard`s gesturesSkin able and sound supportFull feature trial version for 14 days.A?neat?SIP HiKeyboard supports a very nice SIP which includes both basic SIP`s features and advanced features.Support all editable objects Support hi-speed text inputEasy to use?with smart interface? Currently version supports 8 languages A?great Calculators
One of superior features of Hikeyboard is that it includes 3 calculators located right in SIP. Basic calculator allows dealing with commonly arithmetical expressions, Tip Calculator helps to find percent to tip easily and contribution between friends..etc. Moreover, it also supports a powerful Date and Time calculator which help you calculate exact time and keep things in plan.
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