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Bloove 5 - download free Motorola C260 Bloove 5 softwares




Bloove 5 - download free Motorola C260 Bloove 5 softwares




Wapid:S157   (?)
Software Name:  Bloove 5 - download free Motorola C260 Bloove 5 softwares
Category:  Application
File Type:  .sisx
File Size:  58 KB
Popularity:  26061 clicks

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Describe:Bloove is Edit your contacts, make calls and work with SMS using your favorite browser.

Bloove is like PC Suite for the web. It allows you to manage your phone via web browser without cables or Bluetooth. Only data connection is needed. This version has support for:edit contacts on the phone
store contacts in the archive
send SMS messages and initiate calls
manage Speed Dials
*NEW* work with Inbox, Sent, Drafts and other folders*NEW* archive old messages to free some space on the phone (you may restore them later)*NEW* view message history threaded by contacts See details in our .
All available functions are free for now; we are planning to add premium features in forthcoming releases.
After downloading and installing agent go tousing your desktop browser, sign up for an account (only user name and password or OpenID is required) and connect your phone to the account by entering ID displayed by agent.?
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