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YFTP 1.35 - download free Motorola C260 YFTP 1.35 softwares




YFTP 1.35 - download free Motorola C260 YFTP 1.35 softwares




Wapid:S163   (?)
Software Name:  YFTP 1.35 - download free Motorola C260 YFTP 1.35 softwares
Category:  Network
File Type:  .sis
File Size:  121 KB
Popularity:  20284 clicks

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Describe:Now you can upload any kind of pictures and files from your Nokia directly to any FTP-Server. This can be used to publish photos immediately on your Website, to transfer files into your companies headquarter and for many other purposes...The user interface is intuitive to use and follows the Nokia style. You can switch between the local and the remote file system to get an fast overview on the files on both systems.Features * Send and receive files via FTP-protocol * Creating, Renaming and deleting files and folders * Supports active and passive FTP modes * Anonymous Login * Storing Server & Login profiles * Supports HSCSD and GPRS connections for the data transfer * The application is written in C++ for the Symbian OS, so it runs very fast?
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