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CarryDVD 4.7 - download free Motorola T720i CarryDVD 4.7 softwares




CarryDVD  4.7 - download free Motorola T720i CarryDVD  4.7 softwares




Wapid:S552   (?)
Software Name:  CarryDVD 4.7 - download free Motorola T720i CarryDVD 4.7 softwares
Category:  Multimedia
File Type:  .zip
File Size:  354 KB
Popularity:  19297 clicks

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Describe:We have thrown in some crazy features in CarryDVD! Interactive Video Cropping - Stop guessing how your final video will look! CarryDVD shows you in real time! Pop the DVD into the drive, click the "Open DVD" button, choose what screen size, quality and compression method you want in one single action. Don`t worry ... it is easy to choose ... The better the quality the bigger the file. A simple rule of thumb is that a 320x240 sized picture, medium quality, running time of 100 minutes,the result should turn out to less than 128 Mega Bytes. Viewing the video is easy because for almost all devices, you can play the movie using the standard video player that is already on your device.If something goes wrong half way through making your backup ... you suffer a blackout or one of your kids decides to poke that nice big green button ...
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