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AutoProfiles - download free Nokia 6120C AutoProfiles softwares




AutoProfiles - download free Nokia 6120C AutoProfiles softwares




Wapid:S210   (?)
Software Name:  AutoProfiles - download free Nokia 6120C AutoProfiles softwares
Category:  Application
File Type:  .sis
File Size:  228 KB
Popularity:  41865 clicks

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Describe:AutoProfiles 2.0 include now a Bluetooth scheduler! Also it works now with recurring meetings in mobile calendar, as well as with imported meetings. The trial was extended to 10 free days for you to test.
AutoProfiles 2.0 is a professional profile scheduler combined with a Bluetooth scheduler.
We recommend using AutoProfiles because:It has easily customisable schedule for profile change and intuitive interface
It reads data from your mobile calendar and sets selected profile when you have a meeting
It may be used as a Bluetooth scheduler when you are in a car or in the office
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