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Pro Backup - download free Philips 826 Pro Backup softwares




Pro Backup  - download free Philips 826 Pro Backup  softwares




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Software Name:  Pro Backup - download free Philips 826 Pro Backup softwares
Category:  System Tools
File Type:  .sis
File Size:  245 KB
Popularity:  19321 clicks

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Describe:Pro Backup is an advanced application for your personal phonebook and calendar data backup.Simply select Create Backup and a full backup if created of the records in your phone. Store backup in your PC or memory stick for recovery.Created backup can be seen in list view with number of contacts, date and time created.Transfer a backup regularly to your PC for safe storage. Pro Backup can be set to require a PIN upon opening application to prevent unauthorized access to your records.Restore your full phonebook and calendar records anywhere in the world. Simply install Pro Backup to a phone and transfer the backup file to your phone over Bluetooth or Email.Choose recover from Pro Backup and you are ready with all your information...
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