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BlackBaller - download free Samsung E700 BlackBaller softwares




BlackBaller - download free Samsung E700 BlackBaller softwares




Wapid:S230   (?)
Software Name:  BlackBaller - download free Samsung E700 BlackBaller softwares
Category:  Messages
File Type:  .sis
File Size:  96 KB
Popularity:  20064 clicks

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Describe:BlackBaller is the first program for the Nokia Series 60 mobile phones that offers SMS/MMS filtering.BlackBaller introduces the new Smart Reject Sensor system which allows you to modify your filter lists on the fly. Protect yourself from unwanted calls and messagesHave you been BlackBalled
BlackBaller is an Extreme Mobile Filterthat is designed to block (reject) unwanted calls and messages (SMS/MMS). BlackBaller is a full featured and easy to use program which offers unique features such as message filtering, and the ultimate in user friendly features - Smart Reject Sensor.BlackBaller is the most user friendly and robust program of its kind.
BlackBaller feature Summary:Block unwanted calls and messages (SMS/MMS)Supports two types of filters: Blacklists (Blocks all calls on list) and Whitelists (Blocks all calls except what are on the list).Tight integration with phonebook. Availability to block groups, persons, numbers and private numbers. Also includes an advanced option for setting block expiration date.Smart Reject Sensor - Ultimate ergonomic solution. When you reject a call the system automatically asks if you want to block this specific caller.The real background mode. BlackBaller is highly integrated into your mobile device. It works silently without keeping the program open and hidden and using up a lot of system resources. Complete log for rejected calls/messages.Note: BlackBaller works on Nokia Series 60 based smartphones. The program was fully tested on the Nokia 7650/3650/6600 devices. It should work on other series 60 devices. Please test the program on your mobile device prior purchasing.
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