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SMS Manager 201 - download free Samsung E700 SMS Manager 201 softwares




SMS Manager 201  - download free Samsung E700 SMS Manager 201  softwares




Wapid:S524   (?)
Software Name:  SMS Manager 201 - download free Samsung E700 SMS Manager 201 softwares
Category:  Messages
File Type:  .zip
File Size:  648 KB
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Describe:The SMS Manager is the only instrument you need to be able to sync and send SMS messages on the fly.This software builds upon a GSM/Bluetooth equipped Pocket PC device working together with a mobile phone handset. Based on this hardware combination, the SMS Manager offers easy to use interfaces for composing and managing, sent and received SMS messages.You are able to send the same message to multiple recipients by selecting more then one contact in the To: field when composing messages, just as you would sending an email message from the PDA built in email program. There are additional similarities like: unsent SMS messages are stored in the Outbox, sent and received messages are stored in a received and sent box.The SMS Manager supports features like the ability to compose concatenated SMS messages i.e. writing long SMS messages that are separated into up to 6 messages when sent. This means that you do not have to worry about the amount of characters used when composing messages.You are able to use and receive rich EMS text formatting such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough´╝Ť small, large texts messages without your phone having to be equipped with EMS features.Additional features offered are the ability to write Unicode messages, set the validity for sent messages and receive delivery reports if support by your GSM handset and/or network.MAIN FEATURES are:- SMS, long SMS - EMS text editing and EMS text viewer - Rich SMS- SMS validity - SMS delivery report (not supported of all handsets) - SMS unicode - SMS sync support - Outlook Contacts integration ?
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